Concrete protection - WireTarp

The WireTarp system from Agrotel offers reliable protection against concrete corrosion.

Fermenters and secondary fermenters release hydrogen sulphide from the fermentation substrate. This causes elemental sulfur in gas spaces. The associated heavy acid attack is responsible for major damage to concrete and metallic materials. In this case, especially transition zones but also hairline cracks and voids are endangered in the concrete.

WireTarp is a product that is optimally adapted to the purpose of concrete protection.

The concrete protection foil WireTarp developed by Agrotel consists of a loop fabric and is coated with polypropylene (PP). This is easily and quickly laid and welded in the appropriate area.

The concrete protection film WireTarp consists of a PP loop fabric (concrete side) and a full-surface PP coating (shuttering side). WireTarp made in our factory and pre-assembled for installation to ensure easy quick installation.
Trained welders ensure "just in time" the connection of ceiling and wall foils before the concreting process, or subsequently the welding of the wall foils to the supports.


inside formwork with WireTarp
inside formwork with WireTarp
ceiling formwork with WireTarp
ceiling formwork with WireTarp
Schacht und Wand- Deckenanschluss mit WireTarp
Shaft and wall-ceiling connection with WireTarp