Double membrane

The success and efficiency of the Agrotel double diaphragm gas storage are due to its robust design and the proven interaction of the individual components.

Schematic representation

In the center of the container, a V4A stainless steel column is placed, from which straps run in a star shape outwards to the container wall and a net is laid over it over the entire surface. Net and straps have the following two functions. Firstly, supporting function for the membrane so that it can not sag into the substrate when the carrying air is discharged. Secondly, the belt and net construction is well suited as a settlement area for biogas bacteria.

Inner and outer membrane consist of a double coated, plastic coated polyester fabric. This is highly tear-resistant, flame retardant B1 to DIN4102 and UV-stabilized.

Sizes and forms of gas storage

In addition to the normal shape of a 28% we also offer variants with increased volume in these options 33%, 40% and 50% - ball.

The scope of delivery includes the membrane roof, center support made of V4A stainless steel, belt substructure with net, double stainless steel flat iron clamp, blower, underpressure and overpressure protection as well as a level indicator.


Standard 1/4 - ball
Standard 1/4 - ball
1/2-ball auf bottom plate
1/2-ball auf bottom plate
1/2 - ball on a container
1/2 - ball on a container

material and colors

Polyester fabric with plastic coating on both sides, UV stabilized, flame retardant according to DIN 4102, standard basis weight = 900g / m², standard tensile strength = 3,500 - 4,000 N / cm, high frequency welded


≈ RAL6005 - moss green


≈ RAL7012 - dark grey


≈ RAL7038 - light grey