The Tunnelhall is one of our bestselling halls and convinces with a sophisticated construction. That's why this type of hall is quick and easy to build. These all-purpose halls come completely without columns that block the way and the entire covered area can be used for storage.

We distinguish two types of Tunnelhalls

Pipe Tunnelhall

Bogenhalle Innenansicht, als Holzlager
Pipe tunnel as storage for lumber.
Konstruktion Rundrohr Bogenhalle
Pipe tunnel construction
Common spans of pipe tunnels
Common spans of pipe tunnels

Beam Tunnelhall

Profiltr├Ąger Bogenhalle als Heulager
Beam tunnel as hey storage.
Konstruktion Profiltr├Ąger Bogenhalle
Beam tunnel construction
Common spans of beam tunnels
Common spans of beam tunnels

product advantages

  • cost efficient storage
  • galvanized steelpipes or steelbeams
  • anchoring with rod or weight anchor
  • variants: open on both sides, optionally supplemented by complete gable or 1/3 gable, with sliding gate
  • suitable for trade, industry and agriculture

material and colors

Polyester fabric with plastic coating on both sides, B1 flame retardant, non-dripping burning off (melting), self-extinguishing, anti-mildew treated, UV-stabilized.


outside: white
indside: white


outside: green
inside: beige


outside: red
inside: beige


outside: grey
inside: beige