Agrotel GmbH

Gewerbegebiet Hartham 9

D-94152 Neuhaus am Inn

TEL: +49 (0) 85 03 914 99 0

FAX: +49 (0) 85 03 914 99 33
CEO: Ing. Cyriak Laner
VAT-ID: DE142216796

Tax Number: 153/121/30111

Legal Venue: Local Court Passau

Entry in the Registrar of Companies: HR B 5247


Agrotel Handelsgesellschaft mbH

Goldberg 2
A-4761 Enzenkirchen

TEL: +43 (0) 77 62 27 77
FAX: +43 (0) 77 62 27 77 33
VAT-ID: ATU 23907100

Tax Number: 129/3566
Legal Venue:
 Actionable in Schärding

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We have included links to other pages in the internet within our pages. We hereby disassociate ourselves expressly from their content. Furthermore, we also wish to point out that we do not have any influence on the design of the linked page. This declaration applies for all of the links included within our homepage. All photos and illustrations on these pages are protected by copyright and may not be copied or reproduced, nor used for presentation purposes without prior approval. Any act of infringement will be liable to prosecution.

1. General conditions

All our business activities, after receipt of an order, are subject to our general terms and conditions, unless something different was agreed in written form.
In addition, the German Construction Project Procedures are valid.

2. Offers

Our generated offers are non-binding and subject of change. The offer documents are copyrighted property of the company Agrotel, have to be inaccessible for third and to be returned by demand.

3. Order acceptance, signing of the contract

The commitment of the order and special verbal agreements are exclusively taking effect in a written signed order confirmation. Any costs resulting from changes or cancellation of the order will be accounted to the customer. Period of cancellation is one week after postmark. Agrotel reserves the right of withdrawal, if the conditions of the contract are violated by customer.

4. Prices

All prices are non-binding prices, ex works Neuhaus am Inn or Enzenkirchen, excluding the commercial VAT.
In case of basic price changes, as salary or material increases during the period of signing the contract and accomplishment of delivery and services, Agrotel reserves the right to accomplish an adequate price increase.
The same will take place in case of violation of the contract by the customer.

5. Conditions of payment

All payments have to be balanced by the customer within 10 days net from date of invoice, unless something different was agreed in written form.
Advanced accomplished payments are classified as paid from the day on the complete loss-free amount of the order is for our finance department available.
Payment by cheque or notes is not accepted.
Retentions of due payments caused by any claim or the summation of claims are excluded, unless they are authorized by the German Construction Project Procedures.
For delayed payments Agrotel charges interests of 8%, additionally to the common bank rate. The contractor reserves the right to demand a prepayment for outstanding deliveries or services, if the payment conditions are not accomplished or by information of missing payment warranties.

6. Conditions of delivery

The designated dates of deliveries or services can slightly change. The dates need a written confirmation in the acceptance of the order and Agrotel requires a professional and legal on site preparation.
Additional costs caused by interferences of not finished preparation works are charged to the customer, only in case of force majeure will postpone it. The contractor reserves the right to cancel the order completely or partly, or to demand an expense allowance in case of compelling reason.

7. Warranty and reception of services

The warranty of our products is regulated in the German Construction Project procedures and in the and in the official contracting terms for award of service performance contracts.
Condition of this warranty regulation is the complete accomplished payment of the order sum.
Damages have to be noticed in written form.
The warranty coverage and conditions of our subcontracted products will be passed on to the contracting party.
Damages by third parties or force majeure are not covered by this warranty statement.
All additional demands, such as indemnities, financial loss or similar, are explicitly excluded of the warranty.
The reception of our products or services is classified as finished after the period of 10 days, unless a written reception is stipulated by an contracting party.

8. Non-liability clause in case of assembly by the customer

In all cases in which the Agrotel products are installed by the client or by a third company, Agrotel does not assume any warranty in case of damage. The same is valid for all products with automatic control.

9. Reservation of proprietary rights and court of jurisdiction

Agrotel reserves the right of property of all delivered products and services until the fully accomplished payment of the order sum.
Additional costs caused by violation of this reservation of proprietary right will be accounted to the customer.
Place of execution and court of jurisdiction of any legal dispute is the place of trial of the contractor.
If these conditions are partly invalid, the validity of all other parts of the contract is not affected.