New: Mobile silo cover system - the Silo-Schani

New product: AGROTEL Silo-Schani


We have developed an innovative technical solution to simplify the tedious process of silo covering: The Silo-Schani. The system consists of a mobile roll-off device that can be picked up by a yard loader, wheel loader or front loader. The first step is to wind the underlay film and a cover sheet onto the roll. This preparation can also be done in the period before the harvest.

The roller is driven by an electric motor that can be operated by remote control. As a replacement drive, the roller can also be rotated with an attachable hand crank. In order to cover the silo cleanly, the film and the tarpaulin are wider than the silo and are folded in at the edges.

To cover, drive over the silo with a mobile hoist or tractor and pull off the tarpaulin. After that you put the silo bags on the edges and the work is done.

The special feature of the AGROTEL Silo-Schani is the use of a durable robust tarpaulin, which can be rolled up and unrolled perfectly. The lattice flex can be dispensed with and material costs are saved.

The AGROTEL Silo-Schani can also be used to open the silo for feed extraction. To do this, place the device with the wheels on the wall of the silo, fix the tarpaulin to the unrolling device and roll up the cover piece by piece. For daily fodder collection, the lateral sand bags are removed and if necessary the transverse barrier is moved to the rear. Use the remote control to roll up the tarpaulin. In doing so, the dispenser on the wheels pulls itself backwards. Finally, attach the wall film to the unit to prevent water from entering from the side.

The power supply of the device is autonomous: a battery is fixed to the frame of the device and is constantly recharged by solar energy. In order to guarantee a perfect functioning we develop our products in the agricultural practice.

Ensiling has never been so easy - find out more about the new AGROTEL Silo-Schani here.

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