Amphibian Protection Fence

Frogs, toads and newts are under threat of extinction and therefore they must be protected.

In the spawning season, they often cross roads intersecting their route to their spawning grounds where they succumb to passing vehicles. To contribute to their safety, AGROTEL has developed protection fences in collaboration with leading biologists which fulfil all criteria of species-appropriate and efficient safeguarding measures.

Thanks to the AGROTEL amphibian protection fence or the AGROTEL frog fence, the endangered animals can now be collected in traps and then released safely on the other side of the road, thus receiving optimum protection during their migration.

Our protection fence is comprised of a PE-net and is available as rolled goods. Velcro fasteners are provided on both ends thus allowing extension to the desired length as required. Additionally tensioning cords, pegs and steel posts are also available within the scope of delivery.

AGROTEL amphibian protection fences have now been in use for several years and have been proven many times over.

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You can also contribute to the protection of amphibians:

Leap into action to help our frogs and toads on their way to „new shores“!

Biological Advantages

  • Opaque
  • Limited navigation
  • Not possible to crawl underneath
  • Includes running surface
  • Inconspicuous in open country

Technical Advantages

  • Connection without gaps
  • Simple installation
  • Can also be installed in rough terrain
  • Blend in well with the environment
  • Extremely durable
  • Compact for transport
  • Adjustable to any length

Application Possibilities

  • Temporary protection against road traffic
  • Recording of fundamental data required for the planning of permanent protection measures
  • Scientific findings regarding migration behaviour, migration to and from ponds
  • Relocation projects
  • Amphibian protection at swimming ponds and swimming pools


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