Hygiene Mats

AGROTEL hygiene mats are ideal for disinfecting animals, people and machines. They are comprised of a basin manufactured from waterproof tarpaulin material, filled with foam and then covered with a tear-resistant net. The foam is soaked in disinfectant which is subsequently exuded through the netting as pressure is applied to the mat, cleaning feet and wheels completely of germs.

AGROTEL hygiene mats can be

  • delivered in various sizes for any individual application for which sterile conditions are essential
  • applied over the long term as the filling is easily replaced by simply opening the sides

AGROTEL disinfection mats have been successfully used as entrance mats in barns, for the disinfection of truck tyres or for the disinfection of hooves.

Hygiene mats - Agrotel’s smartSolutions - pic1Hygiene mats - Agrotel’s smartSolutions - pic2Hygiene mats - Agrotel’s smartSolutions - pic3


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