Concrete Repair: SaniTarp

SaniTarp was developed, to protect concrete walls in need of rehabilitation of biogas fermenters.
Hydrogen sulphide causes heavy damages on concrete walls if fermenters or secondary fermenters aren’t protected enough.

The AGROTEL concrete protection foil SaniTarp is a cost-effective and highly efficient restructuring technique for existing biogas fermenters and can be installed subsequently on any concrete part of the wall.
SaniTarp consits of a gas-tight and media resistant PP-coating with a strong fabric ground and therefore covers all mechanical requirements. The protection foil SaniTarp is manufactured individually for every single system and can be installed mechanically. The whole sealing of the concrete parts prevents another corrosion and ensures a long-term protection.

Examples for Concrete Corrosion

The Advantages of AGROTEL SaniTarp

  • Cost-efficient restructuring technique
  • High resistance
  • Quick installation
  • Chemical und thermal protection
  • Reduced downtime
  • Absolute tightness

Application Example of AGROTEL SaniTarp




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