Slurry Lagoon

AGROTEL is your ideal contact partner wherever your project requires the acquisition of a slurry lagoon. We provide slurry lagoons featuring useable volumes of 500m³ to 5,000m³. A slurry lagoon can be viewed as a cheaper alternative to a slurry pit. It is excavated as an earth reservoir, whereby the surrounding wall of earth offers additional volume. Regardless of the installation site, the slurry lagoon can be fitted in variable sizes.

Slurry lagoon - pic1 - biogas componentsSlurry lagoon - pic2 - biogas componentsSlurry lagoon - pic3 - biogas components
Several synthetic seals are fitted one on top of the other to create an optimum seal in the ground. Layout of the AGROTEL slurry lagoon is listed as follows, beginning with the lowermost layer:

  • Protective membrane
  • Leakage film: PEHD sealing sheet (thickness 1.5 mm)
  • Drainage mat
  • PEHD sealing sheet (thickness 2 mm)


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