Our innovative WireTarp concrete protection is ideal for lining concrete tanks and provides protection against cavities, corrosion and other damage in the concrete.

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Why we developed the WireTarp

Hydrogen sulphide is leaked from the fermentation substrate in fermenters and secondary fermenters. This in turn causes elementary sulphur in the gas chambers and a depleted PH value, sometimes falling down to 1. The resulting intensity of acid attack is responsible for major damage to the concrete, and even to metallic materials. The areas in which varying filling levels occur, areas with hairline cracks and areas featuring cavities are at particular risk.


AGROTEL WireTarp concrete protection solution

AGROTEL WireTarp concrete protection foil is comprised of a looped fabric and is coated with polypropylene. This can be laid and heat-sealed quickly and easily in the corresponding areas. WireTarp is an optimum overall solution designed for the purposes of concrete protection.

Application areas for biogas systems:

  • In the interior or on the wall
  • As roof protection
  • As protection for the mushroom cap support

Advantages of the WireTarp concrete protection foil:

  • Flexibility
  • Easy handling
  • Quick laying
  • Excellent values for methane gas permeability
  • Excellent values for adhesive tensile strength on concrete

WireTarp is also used as concrete protection in the industry and commerce and communal sectors, as well as with private consumers.

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