Bulk Goods Walls

Our TEXWALL and WOODTEX textile bulk goods walls have proven themselves in the storage of diverse goods. They are ideal for the storage of grain, oleaginous fruits and wood chips. AGROTEL bulk goods walls are mobile and versatile in application. They feature a low net weight and are easy to erect. An anchoring is not required. The breathable fabric allows ventilation of the bulk goods from the side.

The respective batch and box sizes can be arranged individually due to the modular system. AGROTEL bulk goods walls can be extended as desired. They can be loaded on both sides and are self-sealing. After use, the walls are completely dismantled with very few hand movements and can be stacked neatly without taking up a lot of room.

Potential application areas

  • For the mobile management of bulk goods storage areas
  • As separating walls in multipurpose buildings
  • As protection for external walls
  • For aeration drying


TEXWALL is especially suited for the storage of grain and oleaginous fruits. The modules are delivered in two erection heights: 2.40m and 3.00m.

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The following information describes how your bulk goods storage area can be arranged individually and flexibly with TEXWALL:


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WOODTEX walls are primarily suited for the storage of wood chips, even allowing the wood chips to be stored outside due to the supply of air from the side. Protection against rain is guaranteed by way of a membrane which diverts all moisture outwards, however, does not allow moisture to enter into the wood chips.

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Watch the information below to discover the simple and uncomplicated manner of working with WOODTEX:


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