Calf Igloo

The AGROTEL calf igloo has been designed with optimum development of your calves in mind. It protects the young animals against potential pathogens and negative influences of weather such as wind, rain or snow.

The rearing of calves in modern businesses is undergoing constant development. This ensures the continuance of businesses within the field. Advancements are essential for raising profitability. Sales revenues are increasing.

For optimum further development of your barns, AGROTEL offers a complete solution for the husbandry of young livestock.

AGROTEL COSYHOME group igloos for optimum developmentBig service opening in the backThe roofed run is a mobile shelter against the weather


Our range includes:

  • Calf igloos for individual keepinng
  • AGROTEL Cosyhomes with roofed run (veranda) for group keeping
  • Calf rearing unit solution as a modular system with annexing possibilities
  • Barns for young animals

The Cosyhome concept allows flexible, extendable calf rearing units. These are mobile and can be transported quickly and easily. AGROTEL Cosyhomes are particularly suited for the husbandry of large groups of calves.

Due to the particular design of the system, our Cosyhomes can be tailored to cater for any size of business. This forms the keystone for a smooth functioning calf rearing unit.

Our mobile run is an ideal supplementation to the AGROTEL Cosyhome. The AGROTEL veranda is a weather-protected run-out area. It also provides optimum working conditions.

The various AGROTEL solutions for calf rearing – calf igloos, Cosyhomes, calf rearing units and barns for young animals – combine economic, rational operations with the highest standards of hygiene.


Advantages at a glance:

  • Outstanding air supply characteristics
  • Optimum climate control
  • Large service opening
  • Galvanised tubular frames
  • Mobile and easy to transport
  • Flexibly extendable and compatible for calf rearing unit solutions


Optional accessories:

  • Roofed veranda
  • Roof guttering solution
  • Feeding fence
  • Separating gate
  • Feeding barn
  • Drinking facility


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