Cover Tarpaulins

The AGROTEL cover tarpaulin is extremely versatile in its applications, competitively priced and available immediately for delivery.

We offer the cover tarpaulins both for private use, as well as cover tarpaulins for professional applications. The appropriate fixing accessories can also be obtained from us.

Cover tarpaulins for private use

AGROTEL offers cover tarpaulins made from polypropylene fabric with waterproof PE-coating applied to both sides. They are UV-stabilised with seamed edges and are also provided with lifting lugs.

Application areas

  • Roof cover tarpaulins
  • Wood cover tarpaulins
  • Pool cover tarpaulins
  • Covers for garden furniture, garden equipment etc.


Cover tarpaulins for agriculture, industry & commerce

AGROTEL offers cover tarpaulins in truck tarpaulin quality, characterised by their robustness and durability and ideally suited for professional applications. The AGROTEL cover tarpaulins made from polyester fabric are synthetically coated on both sides, UV-stabilised, reinforced around the edges and provided with lifting lugs at distances of 50cm.

Application areas

  • Tarpaulins for agriculture
  • Forestry tarpaulins
  • Cover tarpaulins for building sites
  • Construction tarpaulins
  • Covers for machines and equipment
  • Trailer cover tarpaulins
  • Advertising vehicles, banners


Cover tarpaulinsOur cover tarpaulins are available in different coloursOur cover tarpaulins are available in different sizes


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