Cow Comfort

The AGROTEL Cow Comfort products have been developed by us to improve the well-being of animals. Healthy and contented animals are more productive. The simulation of meadow conditions within the barn enhances the climatic environment of the animals. Comfort is escalated for the cows. This in turn leads to higher milk production.

We adhere to the motto "Welfare for Animals". The solutions developed by us for lying areas and walking areas are investments which guarantee a return:

  • Comfortex-logo – The AGROTEL cow mattress for lying areas

  • SoftCareMat-logo – The AGROTEL mat for walking areas



Cow Mattress  Comfortex-logo

In natural conditions, a cow will spend approx. 60% of its day lying down. If the animals are suffering from pain in the lying position, they will prefer to stand up. This reduces the rumination activity and intake of water and food. The AGROTEL cow mattress improves comfort for animals in the lying position, it is heat-insulating and contributes to the prevention of injuries.

Cow mattress Comfortex - pic1Cow mattress Comfortex - pic2Cow mattress Comfortex - pic3

Comfortex is designed in two parts. The cow mattress comprises a special mattress filling and a comfortable mattress cover. The special laying technique avoids protruding edges. Rubbing hazards are thus considerably reduced. Moreover, dirt can not adhere so easily onto the surface of the mattress. Cleaning is particularly easy. Comfortex is hygienic, slip-resistant and durable.


Comfortex-logo Filling

  • PE-fabric hoses, filled with rubber granules
  • Interlocked laying, eliminating the possibility of slipping or displacement of the filling
  • Uniform, soft surface
  • Strength of shape, preventing the formation of lumps
  • Long-term elasticity
  • DLG-Test inspected and approved

Comfortex-logo Cover

  • Top layer of special PP-fabric
  • Underside impermeable to wetness with PP-coating
  • Total weight: 2000 g/m²
  • Easy-grip surfaces
  • Slip-resistant
  • 100% water-resistant underside
  • Cleaning with high-pressure cleaner

The AGROTEL manufacturer warranty is a mark of assurance: As producer of the mattress filling, we have constant control over the consistency and purity of the rubber granules. The mattress cover is woven using special weaving machines and then subsequently coated (certified in accordance with ISO 9001).


Walking Area Mat  SoftCareMat-logo

The cow has permanent contact with the ground. Therefore the walking area is decisive for dairy farming and cow comfort. Walking areas which are too hard will cause problems with the cow's hooves.

AGROTEL SoftCareMat improves mobility of the cows. The risk of slipping is reduced. This prevents the onset of diseases at the joints. SoftCareMat ensures health of the animals' hooves. This AGROTEL Cow Comfort solution ensures a smooth and steady walking behaviour, a seamless seal and stability over expansive areas.

SoftCareMat - for walking areas - pic1SoftCareMat - for walking areas - pic2SoftCareMat - for walking areas - pic3

Application areas

  • Walkways
  • Waiting rooms
  • Milking stands
  • Lying areas without additional requirements for comfort
  • Animal transport
  • Horse boxes


  • Rubber mat 19 mm thick
  • 19 – 20kg/m²
  • Longitudinal profile on the underside
  • Lozenge moulding pattern on the upper surface
  • Slip-resistance
  • Seamless laying due to special sealing compound
  • Fixing: stainless steel impact dowel or stainless steel clamping screws


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