Slurry cover

AGROTEL provides various slurry covers which have been developed in accordance with ever-changing requirements.


Membrane Roof with central Support



This includes tank covers featuring a diameter of up to 40m. The central support can either be made from stainless steel or from concrete, and guarantees stability and a lengthy life-expectancy. The membrane roof is made from technical polyester fabric and is manufactured with a synthetic coating on both sides. It is designed in dome form. This guarantees optimum protection of the tank.

AGROTEL fastening technology for the textile slurry cover includes tensioning ratchets which are secured to the tank wall and onto the tensioning tube The tensioning tube is integrated in the hemstitch of the tarpaulin and is decisive for optimum, taut tensioning of the slurry cover.

Openings up to a maximum 1.50m in height can be fashioned into the cover to allow controlled access and exiting of the tank. This provides optimum access for agitating and mixing, ensuring unobstructed agricultural production. A stainless steel mushroom cap on the central support ensures sound sealing and ventilation.

Slurry cover - membrane roof with central support - pic1Slurry cover - membrane roof with central support - pic2Slurry cover - membrane roof with central support - pic3


Free-standing Domed Roof



The free-standing domed roof slurry cover is a state-of-the-art system which offers the customer tremendous advantages for both new and existing concrete tanks. The free-standing domed roof can be applied on tanks featuring a diameter of 8 to 22m.

The AGROTEL domed roof without central support is particularly unique in that the tank does not require draining or cleaning in the event of a new acquisition or upon replacing the slurry cover. Additional constructional measures such as reinforcement of the base plate are consequently no longer necessary.

The AGROTEL domed roof is a quick-fitting, innovative system which complies with all requirements for air pollution control, as well as being comparably cost-effective.

Subconstruction - free-standing domed roofFree-standing domed roof - slurry coverChimney head - free-standing domed roof

Floating Odour Enclosure

The floating odour enclosure is a quick and cost-effective variant for the covering of slurry tanks. It is comprised of HDPE-parts which can be stored easily without taking up a lot of space. The HDPE-material is UV-resistant and is recyclable.

Floating odour enclosure - pic1Floating odour enclosure - pic2Floating odour enclosure - pic3


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