Factors such as light and air is of utmost importance for the wellbeing of animals in livestock husbandry, and thus decisive when it comes to success of the business. Proper ventilation in particular must be ensured with a regulated supply of air. This creates optimum  climatic conditions in cold or outdoor climate houses. We have worked intensely on solving this problem.

The result of this research are diverse windbreaking solutions which we developed for various applications. Our special solutions are also extremely flexible, so that they can be systematically adapted to your individual requirements.

Windbreaking - Big rib roll-up doorWindbreaking - panels - sidewallsWindbreaking - doors and systems

The AGROTEL product range comprises fixed solutions in the form of panels, as well as manoeuvrable windbreaking systems, for example AGROTEL Tarpaulin Doors and Curtains. Our windbreaking experts work in close collaboration with the customer to devise the perfect solution to your respective requirement. Regardless of whether a fixed solution (e.g. for a gable), a door solution or a regulated, motor-controlled side wall ventilation is required.

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