Our production is subdivided into various areas. Due to our collaborations with several production facilities, we can guarantee an optimum quality and short production and delivery times.

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Steel Construction

The steel construction area is located in an AGROTEL gabled roof tarpaulin hall with a ground surface area of 3200 m2. The beams for hall construction, as well as various other products are manufactured there in four welding cabs and at diverse welding preparation areas. They are transported to this area once they have left the modern 40m long drilling and cutting section. Production of the profiles for single steel pipe tunnel halls and beam tunnel halls is performed on two bending presses. Additionally the components for or cow mattresses and bulk goods walls are manufactured in a separate area of the hall.

Tarpaulin Production

Tarpaulin production is carried out on the first floor of the company headquarters in Neuhaus. Due to this unique production facility, equipped with one of the longest welding benches in Europe, welding can be performed on winding systems of over 100m in length, as well as on double membrane gas storage facilities featuring a diameter of 36m.

The tarpaulins and films made of polyester fabric are portioned using a cutter and tailored accordingly. Welding is resulted by two mobile, high-performance, high-frequency welding machines. Hot gas welding machines are also used for production.

WireTarp/Roof Tarpaulin Production

The tailoring of WireTarp concrete protection films and membrane roofs for hall construction takes place in another production hall. WireTarp wall and cover linings are produced for concrete tanks featuring a diameter of up to 42m. Membrane roof tarpaulins have already been manufactured for roof surface areas of up to 80 x 40m.

Fitter's Shop/Storage/Dispatch

The in-house fitter's shop manufactures and installs a multitude of accessory parts and profiles for doors and ventilation systems. Upon conclusion, quality assessment and meticulous assembly of the components for dispatch is also implemented there.

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