Comfortex - Cow mattress

The AGROTEL cow comfort products have been developed to improve the well-being of the animals. Healthy and satisfied animals are more productive. Simulating grazing conditions in the barn improves the climatic environment of the animals. Cow comfort is increasing. This in turn leads to higher milk production.

We act according to the motto "Welfare for Animals". The solutions we developed for running and lying areas are investments that are worthwhile.

Improved performance of the animals, by increased comfort.

A cow spends about 60% of the day lying down under natural conditions. If the animals are in pain when lying down, they rest on their feet. This reduces the re-killing activity and the intake of water and food. The AGROTEL cow mattress improves sleeping comfort, has a heat-insulating effect and helps to prevent injuries.

Hygienic, non-slip and durable

Comfortex is made in two parts. The cow mattress consists of a special mattress filling and a comfortable mattress topper. The special installation technique prevents edges. The scouring danger decreases so much. In addition, dirt can settle less easily. The cleaning is very easy. Comfortex is hygienic, non-slip and durable.

Construction of the Comfortex - cow mattress

Cover Comfortex Fastening with PVC strips, plastic dowels and stainless steel screws.

length: 180cm
width: endless track
thikness: 35mm

Woven fabric tubes with rubber granule filling.

length: 180cm
width: endless track
thikness: 60mm

Deckschicht Comfortex Polylatexplatten, formstabil, dauerhaft elastisch.

length: 1605cm (young cattle)
length: 185cm (dairy cattle)
width: endless track
thikness: 35mm or 50mm

Comfortex - Filling

  • PE-Gewebeschläuche, gefüllt mit Gummigranulat
  • Verlegung im Verbund, ein Verrutschen oder Verlagern der Füllung ist dadurch nicht nicht möglich
  • gleichmäßig, weiche Oberfläche
  • Formstabilität, Muldenbildung wird verhindert
  • Dauerelastizität
  • DLG-Test geprüft

Comfortex - Cover

  • Upper layer made of special PP fabric
  • Bottom with moisture-impermeable PP coating
  • Total weight: 2000 g / m²
  • handy surface
  • non-slip
  • 100% waterproof bottom
  • Cleaning with high-pressure cleaner

The AGROTEL manufacturer's warranty gives security: As a producer of mattress filling, we have constant control over the quality and purity of the rubber granules. The mattress top is woven with special weaving machines and then coated (certified to ISO 9001).