Cosyhome calf home

An innovative stable for the optimal attitude of calves. Comfort for humans and animals - that is the philosophy behind the AGROTEL COSYHOME calf pen.

The COSYHOME solutions developed by Agrotel offer a complete application for the ideal further development of your calf housing in the field of calf keeping. These young cattle sheds guarantee working efficiency through the possibility of one-man management. The welfare of the animals is increased by different micro climates. The central areas provide a good overview. So you have all your animals in view.

Work easier for the farmer

  • Thanks to the automatic tilting function, you can easily clean the barn.
  • You can also sprinkle with a loader, thanks to large service openings.
  • You save energy costs due to the low power consumption.
  • You can easily control ventilation regulation.
  • Spacious and centrally located area allow you to easily handle your animals.

Increase the well-being of the animals

  • Your animals live in a comfortable environment through more brightness
  • They create a natural environment thanks to different micro-climates.
  • Very good heat dissipation through the tarpaulin material
  • You can easily divide age-appropriate groups.
  • Lots of space = great freedom of movement
  • The sophisticated design makes it easy to keep the barn clean and to ensure optimal hygiene.