Cosyhome Calf Igloo

Species-appropriate calf husbandry and easy cattle breeding for farmers. According to this principle, the cosyhome calf igloos are produced and further developed. Find out more on our website.

Agrotel Cosyhome single igloos

Agrotel cosyhome single igloos offer comfort and longevity thanks to excellent material and superior craftmanship. Your calves receive an optimal habitat in the first days after birth. At the same time, the tilt function guarantees easy and effective cleaning and management.

Agrotel cosyhome group igloo

The Agrotel cosyhome group igloo is designed for the optimal upgrowth of your calves. The construction consists of a galvanized steel frame with textile covering. The group igloo is dimensionally stable. The tarpaulin guarantees light transmission and heat radiation. Thanks to the modular design, our Agrotel cosyhome group igloo is easily expandable.

Agrotel Cosyhome Veranda

Die fahrbare Agrotel Cosyhome Veranda bietet eine witterungsgeschützte Auslauffläche mit 12 Kälberfressplätzen inklusive Sicherheits-Selbstfanggitter. Der Zugang zur Veranda ist über eine seitliche Tür möglich.
Material: galvanized steel construction + tarpaulin covering
Measurements: 4,84x4,84m inside, 6,61x6,61m incl. porch, four-sided

The cosyhome Veranda is available in the following sizes