Mobile bulk storage walls - TexWall & WoodTex

For the storage of bulk material, we offer two specially developed concepts based on the same basis. Firstly, a TexWall - for storing cereals and oilseeds. WoodTex - is specially designed for the storage of wood chips

Possible applications are the mobile management of bulk material storage, the separation of areas in multi-purpose buildings or the protection of exterior walls. The air-permeable membrane is also ideal for drying ventilation.

Aspects that speak in favor of AGROTEL bulk material walls.

  • You can use AGROTEL bulk material walls in many ways.
  • Due to the easy handling, you can easily install the bulk material walls yourself.
  • A sophisticated construction does not require anchoring in the ground.
  • The breathable fabric of the membrane allows lateral ventilation of the bulk material.


TEXWALL is especially suitable for the storage of cereals and oilseeds. The modules are delivered in two heights: 2.40 m and 3.00 m.


The WOODTEX walls are primarily suitable for wood chips and allow their outdoor storage thanks to the lateral air supply. The protection against rain is ensured by a membrane cover that dissipates moisture to the outside, but does not allow rain to penetrate into the wood chips.