SoftCareMat - barn flooring

Claw health is significantly increased on soft surfaces, as the load on claws and joints corresponds to those on natural substrates, such as a pasture. The rhombic-rod structure incorporated into the top has an anti-slip effect and prevents injuries.

An investment in an ecological and species-appropriate husbandry of the animals will soon pay off for the owner. Animal welfare can improve food and fluid intake, and veterinarian costs and costs for hoof treatment can be reduced through avoided injuries and increased health.


  • Walkways
  • Waiting rooms
  • milking parlors
  • Beds without comfort requirements
  • Animal transport
  • Horse boxes


  • Rubber mat with 19 mm thickness
  • 19 - 20 kg / m²
  • underside longitudinal profile
  • top diamond-shaped bar structure
  • slip resistance
  • Jointless installation with special sealing compound
  • Fastening: Stainless steel impact anchor or stainless steel compression fitting