Windprotectionsystem 3 - WSS3

Air out from top to bottom, fold or insulate.
technical illustration of the system 3

System 3 is used to ventilate from above. It is folded down. Due to the insulating air chambers, the system 3 offers a good thermal and acoustic insulation when closed.

Hot-dip galvanized C-profiles with a rubber coating serve as bracing.

The membrane material is a highly tear-resistant, plastic-coated polyester fabric composite.

In winter operation, the system is closed and provided with insulating air chambers. It can be opened in this form about 15-30cm from top to bottom, so that the fresh air supply is also possible for the cold season. The Agrotel air guide tarpaulin, a supply air guide installed in the eaves area, offers ideal conditions for this.

In the summer mode you let the air out of the chambers. Then the system can be folded down. The complete package can then be driven up in parked position. This ensures a good cross ventilation.

The drive takes place with plug-in drive or geared motor.