Windprotectionsystem 4 - WSS4

Ventilation from above and below. Roll up from bottom and drive up / shadow.
illustration of the system 4

The Agrotel system 4 is the all-rounder among the sidewall ventilation systems. It allows to ventilate from below and above. If you roll up the system from below and drive it down a bit, you can use it for shading.
In summer, the complete system can be moved upwards completely. A sysem that offers many possibilities.

System 4 was developed by Agrotel over 20 years ago. It has since proven itself in its universal applicability and is the constant evolution of the latest technology.

The possibilities of ventilation in this system are very diverse.
Vertical bracing with hot-dip galvanized, rubber-coated steel C-profiles inside and outside provide stability.


Geared motor, plug-in drive, automatic ventilation control with temperature, wind- u. rain sensor.