Windprotectionsystem 5 - WSS5

Ventilate from above and below, roll up in the middle and drive up.
Illustration der Funktion des System 5

The Agrotel system 5 works in the same way as the system 4. It rolls away from the center and can be moved up or down to use for ventilation and shading.
Due to the central shaft, the system 5 requires fewer supports than the system 4. The larger support distances allow it also to drive in laterally.

The additional shaft makes the System 5 from Agrotel even more stable and withstands even high wind loads. Hot-dip galvanized, rubber-coated steel C-profiles serve as a bracing inside and out.

System 5 is available in various textile variations. It is in each case a highly tear-resistant, plastic-coated Polyestergewebevervund.


Geared motor, plug-in drive, automatic ventilation control with temperature, wind- u. rain sensor.